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July 24th 2020 — Online

Join an active network of Angular Developers online looking to enjoy a great day of fun, learning, sharing knowledge and being inspired while being offered the chance of in-person Q&A's, exclusive panel discussions and access to all knowledge tech chat channels.

Take your chance to learn from the best Angular Developers on the planet as they talk through their experiences and whilst sharing their knowledge. Learning from 10-15 amazing talks on topics such as Ivy, RxJS, E2E Testing and more...


Angular Leaders

With the success of our intimate edition on 2019, we are really honoured to count with these wonderful speakers for our 2020 edition.

Why attend

Be part of an exclusive community conference providing you with unique content learning the latest Tools & Techniques in Angular.
These are some of the perks and benefits you get when buying a ticket
Talks by OSS contributors & Angular experts
HD Video Quality
Panel Discussions
Q&A Sessions
Chat with speakers
Advice lounges
Karaoke with the stars
Games Room


Angular 2019 took place in March 2019 and was a success!

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A unique opportunity to promote your company, product, service to a group of passionate, ambitious and dedicated Angular Experts. You have the chance to increase your frontend teams knowledge, hire the best talent, Increase your brand awareness, show your investment in the sector and reinforce your teams!